3 is the magic number…

Another late post! Letting it all slip a bit as I get my head as far into writing as possible (not always easy…) I’ve now finished all three analysis chapters (wtf, I know, right?) in 3 months and am bashing away at my redraft literature review, then I’ll do my methodology, then intro / conclusion, then edit the whole thing, submit to supervisors to read, then edit one last time before submitting in November…!! So bloody close now. Can’t wait to see what’s around the bend as well! So here are some musings from last month.



Chapter 2 – People

I am actually onto my third analysis chapter now, but here is an old post about the second analysis chapter…oh how time flies!


The sun is positively BEATING down here in Glasgow, ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ is blasting from the building site, and memories of loch swimming and 6Music Festival gigs are only recently fogging in my mind’s eye from the weekend…

It’s been a while since I’ve written and my brain is a little fuzzy today (turns out your natural alarm clock isn’t always the best thing to rely on…) so rather than wake up and ‘carry on writing my PhD’ I thought I’d have a bit  of free-writing-esque on this here blog, let you know where I’m at, that sort of thing.

Brexit and Belonging

So flying back from Menorca to a broken Britain was unpleasant to say the least. Although while I’d been away I’d created this image of carnage and chaos taking over the streets in my head, things are kind of just carrying on in people’s everyday as they were, just with the ever increasingly cold realisation that nothing will ever be the same again.

It’s fascinating because depending on who you ask, what you believe and what you are fighting for (or indeed against), you will have a completely different perspective on what Britain leaving the EU actually means. So here’s my two cents on how this creates a fascinating, and troubling backdrop to my research into the ways in which migrant, refugee and asylum seeking women make the city their home through the things they do in their everyday lives.

The seemingly politically condoned public racism which ensued following the referendum result has been vile to see. This post by Dr. Anna Matthews for the Glasgow Refugee, Asylum and Migration Network blog talks about this, and similarly relates it to her own research, which I intend to do in this post.


Glasgow Welcomes Refugees March, June 2016 – photo taken by me

Mind-Mapping, or Introducing Whiteboard – my new best friend

NB – if you have any thoughts or responses to my ramblings here or at any point in posts to come, please let me know / send articles my way / feel free to email me for more…

In spite of aching arms following a difficult trek up from town to my flat with this beast, it is now happily perched on my windowsill (blocking a fairly significant amount of light) filling with thoughts, ideas and words in an array of colours, all with the ridiculously pleasing function of being able to be rubbed out, moved around and played with.



(Ideally I would have an interactive wall onto which I could scribble huge mind-maps which I could then save onto the hard drive and bring up whenever I needed to look at it – as I must admit wiping it off having taken photographs and printed it out is still pretty terrifying.)

My reading so far has resulted in a mind-map which has the words






all scrawled in large letters, with lines connecting them into some kind of network of dialogue between each theme. I find the process of standing to think massively helpful, and it becomes particularly electric after a caffetiere of strong, black coffee. Thoughts and ideas and connections buzz around my freshly wired brain, as I grab different coloured pens and, in between chewing the ends and pacing around my flat (ideas flow better with movement I find), I connect people to themes, and themes to other themes. But, I’m getting distracted. Clearly the whiteboard has been a little too exciting. Here are where my thoughts are so far, having handed in my first literature review last week (yessss):