Migrating (further) North

I’m doing the opposite of what the sensible birds do, i.e. move somewhere warmer in winter. I’m moving somewhere colder. In summer.

I got an email from my supervisor the other day who is based in Glasgow telling me that my “wellies will need wellies and my jumpers will need jumpers”. Hmm. Well, I suppose it’s a good job that jumpers is the one thing I have in abundance. I should get in some sun before I leave though…Also, I like rain, I’m from Bradford, rain and grey skies are like a lovely comforting blanket. You wake up in the morning, and you always know what colour the sky will be. And there are lots of different shades of grey (the terrible book has muddied that phrase forever more…)

Anyway. My room is slowly moving into boxes, waiting to cram into my mum’s car (I’m hoping a tardis effect will miraculously happen) and to drive up up to that there splendid Glasgow. I can’t wait to get to know it, with its nooks and crannies and lochs and green spaces and languages and foods and music and buildings and stories…

On Friday, I will officially become a resident of the city of Glasgow, and I absolutely can’t wait.

I’m giddy with the thought of my beautiful flat with it’s beautiful view, and to be in the same city as some of my dear old friends, and to begin the next phase of this adventure…

Visiting museums, spending time in community centres, meeting up with people I met before to feed off their passion and excitement for the city and the work they do in it and the people they share it with, poring over maps, going on bike rides and heritage walks, hopefully helping a couple of projects collect oral histories, and beginning my fieldwork… I’m actually doing it -! So bonkers and exciting…

Glasgow, here I come. I’m suited in jumpers and booted in wellies, and ready to get to know you and all (/some of) your folk…

IMG_1127I know this is a fairly rubbish picture, but I can just say it’s meant to be blurry and fuzzy because it represents the fact that my knowledge of Glasgow is still pretty blurry and fuzzy and I will upload a clearer, better image towards the end to represent that feel I know it a lot better…yeah? Cheesy but that’s the line I’m going to go with.


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