West Bowling Together

I recently put the film that I made for my Masters in Visual Anthropology, titled:

‘West Bowling Together’ (a play on the ideas of Robert Putnman in his famous book ‘Bowling Alone’, which looks at the concept of social capital and its implications / downfall / values in the US) –  on my Vimeo page, as well as onto the vimeo page of the Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology – where this is a huge range of fascinating and brilliant films from previous students of the course.

It follows the work of Bradford based artist Claire Wellesley-Smith (whose work you can check out here) in a Heritage Lottery Funded project run from Hive, a community arts centre in Shipley, that explores the heritage of the city, working with a group based in the West Bowling ward to build a collection of narratives and trajectories to the area (from Jamaica, Nepal and West Bowling itself) and to more deeply understand why the area is the way it is, and how those who inhabit it ended up there. Once home to a world famous piece dyeworks, Ripleyville as it was known back then, was a model village and a self-contained community. Now only fragments of the physical heritage remain, including a row of alms houses which was re-located brick by brick for expansion of the dyeworks.

I’d love it if you gave it a watch and fed back your thoughts about it as a piece of visual research – it was only very short-term and small-scale, but it is the beginnings of my adventures into a more sensory approach to the research experience; both in participation within it as a researcher, and presentation of it to those who are unfamiliar with the stories told…

Cheers, have a good day, more to come soon (most probably after my supervision on the 4th February!)


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